Tonn EVO

Hator Tonn EVO

Tonn EVO gaming mouse pads – real EVOlution looks like this! The updated surfaces are even more stylish and practical but still keep the corporate identity. The new model comes 4 different sizes so you’ll definitely find one to suit your needs.

An optimal surface’s structure delivers the best balance between speed and accuracy.

Stitched edges guarantee trouble-free and long term usage.

The bright and stylish base doesn’t just contrast with the modern design but improves the grip on the table through new rubberized material and better texture.

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Mousepad hator
S: 290 х 240 х 2 mm
M: 360 х 300 х 4 mm
L: 500 х 420 х 4 mm
XXL: 900 х 420 х 5 mm