Gaming keyboards

Traditional mechanical and innovative optical switchers, classic design, and compact body or additional ergonomic wrist stand – the Hator gaming keyboards range has you covered for anything you might want.

Rockfall 2 Mecha TKL
Authentic Edition

Rockfall 2 Mecha Authentic Edition keyboards have three unique designs thanks to sublimation keycap sets.

Rockfall 2 Mecha TKL
Autograph Edition

The refined and bright design of the Autograph Edition keyboards will help to diversify your setup…

Rockfall 2 Mecha
Signature Edition

Development of the popular Rockfall 2 Mecha TKL model: even better vibration and noise isolation, and a wide selection of designs to suit your taste.

Skyfall 2 TKL PRO

Our flagship in its next generation will provide even more satisfaction with its work! Fantastic tactile sensations and acoustic comfort are ensured by the multi-spherical internal layout of the vibration and noise lover…

Rockfall 2 Mecha

The full-size version of HATOR Rockfall 2 Mecha will provide unparalleled acoustic comfort and excellent tactile sensations both in the game and at work!

Rockfall 2 TKL Optica

The most popular keyboard of Ukrainian gamers has undergone evolutionary changes. Updated Kailh optical switches still provide ultra-fast response.

SkyfallTKL PRO

A real flagship should look like this!
At your service is a modern design

Starfall RGB

Starfall RGB is a rational choice for everyone who appreciates an effective ratio of performance quality, functionality and reasonable cost


Mechanical keyboard – it’s not a luxury anymore. As durable as efficient mechanical switchers, eye catching backlight and affordable price – Hator Starfall is combining all modern trends in one device

Rockfall 2 TKL Mecha

Discover a new level of comfort when using the keyboard!
Attention to every design detail has provided outstanding acoustic comfort and excellent tactile sensations when working with the HATOR Rockfall 2 Mecha TKL.