Gaming headset

How you hear and how you are heard are two of the main factors for success when you’re gaming.
Hator headsets are designed to provide you with comfort of use and the most realistic sound, both during gaming sessions and in your daily workflow.

Hypergang 2 Wireless Tri-mode

HATOR Hypergang 2 Wireless is a gaming headset that is always at your fingertips. The three types of connection available in the headset allow you to use it in a variety of circumstances and with different devices. The built-in support for 7.1 surround sound will provide an immersive experience.

Phoenix 7.1 RGB + Stellar PRO

The kit is a treasure trove for gamers! The bright HATOR Phoenix 7.1 RGB headset with powerful HI-FI sounds equals the lightness of the Stellar Pro bear, allowing you to enjoy the gaming process in the whole world

Phoenix Wireless Tri-mode

The perfect combination of bright design and sound! Phoenix Wireless perfectly copes with any usage scenario

Hyperpunk 2 Wireless Tri-mode

Light, bright and versatile wireless headset Hyperpunk 2 Wireless Tri-Mode guarantees high-quality sound and comfortable operation in any conditions

Hyperpunk 2

HATOR Hyperpunk 2 will give you everything. what you need for effective gaming and work: rich sound with excellent positioning, high-quality and transparent voice transmission, and the possibility of comfortable use for many hours thanks to a light and ergonomic design

Hyperpunk 2 USB 7.1

Built to meet any customization needs and accompany you during long battles

Crystal 2

The Crystal 2 sound card took off the case in an updated design, which saved all the functionality and the ability to fine-tune the sound and microphone of your headset

Hypergang 2

Legend update! The HATOR Hypergang 2 headset received an updated design, improvements in construction and sound. A new look for your favorite sound

Hypergang 2 USB 7.1

HATOR Hypergang 2 USB 7.1 is the embodiment of everything necessary for a modern gamer. Updated design and sound for your victories!

Hypergang 7.1X USB

HATOR Hypergang 7.1X USB combines the updated design of the well-known headset with a sound card with 7.1 surround sound

PC Edition

Hypergang PC Edition is designed for stationary use with your PC. The sound quality and perfect microphone of the Hypergang headset series are fully applicable to this model


Hator Hellraizer – this is truly gaming headset for the mass