Gaming Chairs

Armchair – an integral part of your working or home ecosystem. Wherever you spend many hours at a computer – in the office or at home – it’s very important to have an ergonomically correct armchair that will help maintain your posture and create a feeling of constant comfort. This is the main objective that Hator chairs aim to solve.

A wide range of models and colors means that not only can you choose the most suitable model for your size and needs but that you can also match it to your interior design choices.

Sport Light 2

HATOR Sport Light 2 – a gaming chair that combines a vibrant design with updated elements in a signature style, convenience, and affordability


HATOR Flash is a gaming chair with relatively compact dimensions. The ergonomic design of the chair includes sufficient support for the lower back and helps maintain the correct posture during the game

Arc X

Our legendary chair is now available in a more affordable version – the Arc X. The high level of comfort and high-quality components are the same as in the flagship model


Ironsky offer a new level of ergonomics and comfort. Customize the position exclusively for you, without any compromises!

Arc Fabric

The presentability and unique style of the Arc model is now complemented by home comfort, which gives the texture of the fabric


It’s a great example of the exceptional comfort’s and great quality’s symbyosis

Darkside Pro

Darkside Pro is known for its overall design perfection, which is enhanced by interesting details. And the high-quality components and materials used in the construction ensure its reliability

Darkside RGB

Your gaming setup will shine with juicy RGB grade!


Luxurious design by affordable price. Darkside armchair will style to various designs from cozy home to office

Sport Light

Hator Sport Light is your pass to the World of comfy gaming