About the brand

Hator was born from a love of gaming, cyber sport and IT enthusiasts. Our main goal is to combine our experience in different areas and realize the result of this synthesis as products of high specs with the optimal value for the end user.


Simplicity and affordability

What is the main difference between us and others vendors or «box movers» on the e-sports market?

For many of these companies, a significant portion of their investment is deposited in the budgets of leading advertising agencies and sponsorship contracts of popular e-sports teams. And what is the result of such actions? You are right – the cost of this marketing is included in the products cost, which according to advertising slogans, is not only a “choice of champions”, but also the reason for their victory. Meanwhile, we all understand that, at the victory’s core, are the real values of single-mindedness, dedication and being ready to sacrifice time and mightiness for the result! And what does the main e-sport gear really require? It requires simplicity, comfort and high quality materials and components inside. We aim to instill all our products with these key points.

But what else can be an important factor when you are trying to choose a new device for yourself? Of course – it’s price! After all, for one professional e-sports player there are at least hundreds of esports amateurs players, most of whom will not rise to the professional level. But all these players need high quality gaming gear, and most don’t have the kind of budget to buy «A» brands.

E-sports amateurs are the key audience for us. Our goal is to offer the market high-quality e-sports products while respecting a reasonable pricing policy that makes the products under the Hator brand much more affordable to the average consumer than the products of most other manufacturers.

Closer to our audience

We want and are ready to communicate with our audience in their language.

We are open for any sound proposals that are connected with amateur e-sports development and its further promotion. Among today’s representatives of amateur and semi-professional e-sports are tomorrow’s superstars in the world of e-sports. And we want to accompany them on the way to the Olympus of the cybersport scene!

Efficiency and reaction speed

We aren’t one of those huge corps. We are fast, available and effective!

And we are trying to do as much as possible to ensure our customers are satisfied by their choice. But if something goes wrong our process doesn’t take «weeks» of mailing or mountains of «paperwork».