Hator Starfall Rainbow

HATOR Starfall Rainbow

The updated HATOR Starfall Rainbow keyboard received keycaps with full illumination of Ukrainian letters and new HATOR Aurum Red/Blue switches. The best ratio of cost and consumer properties is worth looking for.

Our HATOR Aurum switches are fitted during the assembly phase to ensure maximum tactile and acoustic comfort. Take on your taste of linear Red or clicky Blue.

The bright RAINBOW LED backlight of the keyboard allow you to work and play with the same comfort at any level of illumination of the workplace. Adjusting the brightness level and managing preset effects is convenient and clear.

Keycaps are made using double casting technology, which guarantees the preservation of applied symbols even with intensive use. All symbols, including Ukrainian letters, have excellent backlighting.

Body type “Skeleton” will facilitate the process of cleaning the keyboard and replacing keycaps.

The upper metal panel increases the reliability of the keyboard in operation.


HATOR Starfall Rainbow size
Length: 432 mm
Width: 132 mm
Height: 39 mm
Weight: 1050 g
Cable Length: 1800 mm


Number of Keys: 104
Type of Connection: USB
Polling Rate: 1000Hz
Tilt Stand Adjustment: 2 levels
Backlight: RGB with ability to specifically configure each key
Type of Switches: HATOR Aurum (Linear Red or clicky Blue)
Operating Life: 70M Cycles
Operating Force: Red – 50 ±10gf, Blue – 50 ±10gf
Pre Travel: 1,9 ±0.4mm
Total Travel: 4 ±0.4mm
Keycaps: Double-shot ABS
Hardware System Compatibility: Windows 7/10/11, Linux and Mac OS

Package contents

HATOR Starfall Rainbow keyboard
Puller for keycaps
User manual