Hator Rockfall 2 TKL Optica

HATOR Rockfall 2 TKL Optica

The most popular keyboard of Ukrainian gamers has undergone evolutionary changes. Updated Kailh optical switches still provide ultra-fast response. A multi-component noise and vibration isolation system is responsible for tactile and acoustic comfort.

Updated optical switches Kailh Optical rev 2.0 deprived of the effect of wobbling, which gives unparalleled tactile sensations with each click!

One of the main features of optical switches is the ability to hot swap them. You can distribute different types of switches as you wish.

Double noise insulation with ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) sound absorbing foam ensure that excess noise and vibration are absorbed during use.

The keyboard uses an anodized aluminum plate, which provides additional anti-vibration protection and, in addition, perfectly reflects light, improving the brightness of the backlight.

Attention to acoustic comfort even in the smallest details. Traditionally the “loudest” button in keyboards is the spacebar, which is equipped with an additional layer of sound-absorbing foam.

Manually lubricated premium POM-plastic stabilisers.

Durable PBT keycaps with Ukrainian letters and bright backlight.

100% Anti-ghosting and N-Key Rollover features – press whatever and whenever you need to.

Built-in keyboard memory – save and work without software.

16.8 million RGB backlight colours with individual key customisation and five brightness levels.

Detachable USB Type-A to Type-C cable.

Software for creating and adjusting macros.

Backlight effects

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HATOR Rockfall 2 TKL Optica size
Length 360 mm
Width 133 mm
Height 36 mm
Weight 975 g
Cable Length: 1800 mm


Connection type: USB
Polling rate: 1000Hz
Power supply voltage: 5V
Electric current: 350mA
Backlight: RGB with the ability to customise each key individually
Type of switches: Kailh Optical Black rev.2 linear
Switch life: 80M clicks
Pressing force: 45 ±10%gf
Pre Travel: 1.8 ±0.6mm
Total travel: 3.6 ±0.6 mm
Rating: water – IP68
Delay Response: 0.2ms
Keycaps: Double-shot PBT
Hardware Platform Support: Windows 10/11, Android, Linux, Mac OS, PS4/5, Xbox
Additional Features: The ability to change the switches to another “color” or to combine them with each other

Package contents

HATOR Rockfall 2 TKL Optica keyboard
Detachable USB-A to USB Type-C cable
Key for keycaps
User manual