Wearing HATOR means bearing witness to your commitment to making a better world.

Today's leaders at any level and in any discipline who have achieved a high level of personal conscience or who are working to achieve it want to communicate and share their values. Values ​​such as altruism, solidarity, and respect for the environment and all forms of life.

Distinguishing yourself and wearing an exclusive and excellent quality garment no longer means showing off, appearing, creating distance with others and envy. It no longer means wearing a false sense of security or belonging to a social class, because you are and remain exactly what you are. On the contrary, wearing HATOR means communicating true values ​​and one's own authentic status that derives from the personal achievement of a greater understanding of reality. It means standing out to offer a true example to admire, creating attraction and inclusiveness from others, which is exactly what everyone really wants.

HATOR is at the forefront of building and promoting projects that help improve the world, including KEN SCENT

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